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Aquaman (Vendor)

Complete costume set displayed at a vendor

Any superhero or supervillain of course needs a costume.

Costumes in the game can be armor or simple style items. A costume set all of the same style is called a costume style set.

Players have a certain amount of control over their appearance. Any style previously collected by a player can be selected as the active player style, regardless of the armor the player currently has equipped.


Main article: Gear

Armor pieces typically include a durability level and increase the player character's statictics. They have an item level which originally also affected the combat rating of the character wearing it. Certain pieces of equipment may require a player to have various skills or proficiencies or ability levels. Armor pieces have styles which represent their visual appearance. There is different armor for PvE and PvP since those game modes require different statistics to be boosted.

Armor can be acquired as loot dropping from defeated enemies (PvE only) or by buying it from vendors (PvE and PvP). Once collected they appear as item in the inventory and can be equipped, often also be salvaged or sold if not needed anymore.

To collect the visual style of an armor piece it needs to be equipped at least once.


Main article: Styles

DC Universe Online also features styles items, which merely represent a visual appearance and will not change the statistics in any way.

Style items usually drop in The Vault or come as a reward for finishing collections, investigations and briefings. During seasonal events they sometimes also drop from defeated enemies. Once used the style items will disappear from the inventory and then their style will be accessible as equipable styles via the style menu.

Costume Pieces[]

Some equipment classes like rings, necklaces and trinkets do not have a visual representation on the player character and thus count as items only.


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Rings, necklaces and trinkets have no visual representation and thus count as items only