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Corum Rath is a devote Atlantean extremist who believes that the Kingdom of Atlantis was once the greatest power on Earth and can be again. To further his ideals, Corum is the leader of The Deluge; a fiercely xenophobic and traditionalist terror cell that opposes Aquaman's progressive intentions to form a political alliance with the Dry Landers.


Corum Rath grew up skint broke within the lowest tride of the Kingdom of Atlantis. He and his father, Callun Rath were both Hadalin, Atlantean masonries who spent their days toiling away building up the foundation of their home kingdom. A routine where in whenever Corum broke fresh stone for which, his father would give him a sound beating.

Callun eventually died of exhaustion, his broken body left alone in an unmarked grave. Signifying unfulfilled man who wasted his misbegotten life away for royalty who never even knew his name, leaving Corum alone within the Ninth Tride to fend for himself. As he set about the city in his youth, Corum found himself stifled by the seachanged Atlanteans who lived there. Entities who he would grow to curse and hate as Taintbloods, due to their appearance and the symbolism behind it.

Once hearing tale that Atlantis used to tower above the oceans and held power the world over, the fact that it now sits beneath the waves with the surface dwellers running things. A race he deemed disposable and inferior to Atlantean culture, filled him with contempt for his nation's dismal history.

Taking his people's acquiring fish-like traits as a defeat of their national pride, as well as acceptance of their watery confinement. During his orphan solitude he met up with fellow tride dwelling street urchin; Kadaver. Finding him practicing his unrefined craft in solitude, as to the high nosed practitioners of the Silent School turned him away due to his humble upbringing.

The two would muse about Atlantis having been the greatest nation on Earth in the past, detailing how it once ruled both land and sea and that someday, when their time comes, its towers would rise up out of the oceans to do so again.

Kadaver merely laughed at such a notion, thinking it'd be a miracle if the lowborn's prayers were heard. But the two friends made a pact on accomplishing said feat nonetheless. That they would make the highborn trides and all that they survey, their own and rule as kings of a whole new Atlantis. Eventually the two would grow up and went their separate ways. Kadaver becoming an enforcer for the mobster Krush, while Rath came to lead the Deluge against Atlantis's royalty and the Surface World.


  • Corum Rath makes a short incognito appearance in the cutscene before the final fight in the first part of the Stemming the Tide challenge.
  • He is behind the attacks in the raid Starro: Spindrift Station and appears in several cutscenes. He is not fought directly, but unleashes Morgwar against the team at the end of the raid while he escapes.
  • Corum Rath is the ultimate antagonist of Atlantis (Episode), having vastly increased his arcane power through unlocking of ancient, forbidden Atlantean sorcery, and moved to seize the throne of Atlantis.
    • He makes an appearance in the Atlantis: Royal Palace challenge, where the Atlantean Royal Court deposes Arthur and Corum Rath takes his place as king. He cannot be attacked directly, and after his minions are defeated, he unleashes the Crown of Thorns, trapping Aquaman and forcing Mera, Ocean Master and the player to flee.
    • He is the final boss in the Atlantis: The Throne operation. At the beginning he still can't be attacked, and instead he summons a Sea Beast against the team and breaks Aquaman's Trident of Poseidon. After it is defeated, Corum Rath raises Atlantis to the surface, proclaiming that he will hide no longer. He resurrects the Sea Beast and additionally summons Morgwar and other monsters against the team. Upon his defeat, he attempts to evoke dark gods in a last ditch effort, but is annihilated by Aquaman wielding a trident conjured from seawater.

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  • Corum Rath first appeared in Aquaman: Rebirth #1 (August 2016). Both of the episodes where he is the main antagonist, Deluge and Atlantis (Episode), are adaptations of story arcs in Aquaman: Rebirth.
  • Devoted to Atlantis' ancient ways, Corum is a devout puritan and considers even "sea-changed" Atlanteans (Atlanteans with fish-like characteristics like skin, webbed hands or tails) as abominations that should be killed to preserve Atlantis' purity.
  • Corum was born in the Ninth Tride (Ninth House) district of Atlantis; the socially and literally lowest district of the city-state. The district is a lawless zone for rebels and iconoclasts, and a sanctuary for undesirables. Corum has many contacts with the district's criminal elements.
  • Corum's greatest supporter is Sergeant Urcell; a female Atlantean warrior and his devoted second-in-command within the Deluge.
  • As an Atlantean, Corum Rath can only exist outside of water for a limited period of time or else he will dehydrate, asphyxiate and ultimately die. A typical Atlantean can exist outside of water for around 2 hours before needing hydration.
  • The developers considers his portrayal in DCUO to be a demagogue - as a politician who appeals to desires and prejudices of his people instead of rationality.
  • According to the developers, Corum Rath does not fully control Starros in Stemming the Tide - merely using them through animal handling skills.


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