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Control Resistance is a hidden stat.
Knockback Resistance affects knockdown, juggle, impulse or push effects.
Restraint Resistance affects root or encasement effects
Stun Resistance affects stunning effects.
Each Movement type provides 2 types of control resistance.
Weapon Mastery Combos increase Control resistance.
Tanks have powers that provide Group Control Resistance.
Some powers provide individual Control Resistance.

Movement Tree Resistances[]

Skill Movement Trees Description
Knockback Resistant Acrobatics, Super Speed  Adds 10% Impulse Resistance
Restraint Resistant Flight, Skimming, Super Speed  Adds 10% Encase and Root Resistance
Stun Resistant  Acrobatics, Flight, Skimming  Adds 10% Stun Resistance

Tank Group Control Immunity Powers[]

Power Set Powers
Atomic Neutrino Blast
Earth Soothing Sands
Fire Burnout, Eternal Flame
Ice Shatter Restraints
Rage Ire

Individual Control Immunity Powers[]

Power Set Powers
Acrobatics Perfect Poise
Electricity Circuit Breaker, Invigorate
Flight, Skimming Dustoff
Gadgets Distract
Ice Ice Elemental
Light Restore
Mental Grandeur
Munitions MRE, Survival
Nature Rampage
Rage Infuriate, Mangle
Quantum Closed Loop, Quantum Tunneling
Super Speed Dash AttackMetabolic Boost

Visible stats:

Hidden Stats: