Consumable Items include restoratives like Soder Colas and also transportation items that can be purchased from vendors in the police stations or at the headquarters (JLA Watchtower, Hall of Doom).
Advanced consumables are also available through research & development plans and can be compiled at R&D stations available in the main police stations or at the headquarters.


Seasonal events like e.g. the Valentine's Day Event usually introduce some consumables providing health, damage or healing buffs.

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Restorative ConsumablesEdit

Restorative consumables will help you restore health and/or power or even repair your gear.

Enhancement ConsumablesEdit

Enhancement consumables will enable or boost certain skills or characteristics for a period of time.

Restorative & Enhancement ConsumablesEdit

Restorative & enhancement consumables combine the effects of the two types of consumables into one single consumable. They normally have to be developed at an r&d station.

* Pre-built marketplace item

Damage Providing ConsumablesEdit

Damage providing consumables have a damaging impact on your enemy and/or the environment.

Stunning or Taunting ConsumablesEdit

Stunning or taunting consumables will manipulate your enemy in one way or another to make it easier for you to attack. Some of those may do additional damage.

Teleportation ConsumablesEdit

Teleportation consumables allow you to teleport to a specific location.

Fun ConsumablesEdit

Fun consumables are not for the fight, but can be fun while you are waiting for the next instance.

Currency Related ConsumablesEdit

Currency conversion consumables

Other ConsumablesEdit

All which does not fit into the other categeries.

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