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Destroy the monitoring station LexCorp uses to track their Meta patients and take out LexCorp forces.


"LexCorp's implated tracing devices in all of their Metahuman experiment subjects. The monitoring station is on the Hospital roof. Get up there and overload the station so these people can escape!" — Superman
  • Deactivate LexCorp Monitoring Station
"Without that monitoring station, Lex will have to track down those patients one by one. Show his troops they have more to worry about right now. Like facing us." — Superman
  • Destroy LexCorp Assault Vehicles (0/5)
  • Defeat LexCorp Gladiators (0/5)
"This is Lex Luthor. You just disrupted research that would have helped countless human beings. You've clearly chosen to follow that alien, Superman, rather than advance humanity. Don't expect mercy. Luthor out." — Lex Luthor
Communication Breakdown battle

A player battling LexCorp forces.

Selectable Reward[]

Weapon Type Name Style
Bow Krypton-Tech Longbow Hunting Bow
Brawling Ancient Kryptonian Knuckleguards Sideblades
Dual Pistol Red Sun Pistols Energy Blaster
Dual Wield Ancient Kryptonian Blades Ninja Sword
Hand Blaster Krypton-Tech Powergloves Hand Cannons
Martial Arts Krypton-Guard Claws Twinscythe Katar
One-Handed Ancient Kryptonian Battleaxe Primitive Axe
Rifle Krypton-Tech Rifle Pulse Rifle
Shield Trooper's Standard Segmented Shield
Staff Timeworn Kryptonian Warstaff Tech Staff
Two-Handed Red Sun Slicer War Axe