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Combat Rating

Combat Rating (abbreviated CR) is a statistic possessed by player characters representing the overall power of their equipment. Combat rating is calculated by averaging the item levels of all of a player's possessed equipment items. 

Equipped Combat Rating is calculated from the equipment the player currently has equipped, and is the rating displayed next to the health and power bars if it is different from the normal combat rating.

Some level 30 content has a Combat Rating requirement for access.

Combat Rating cannot be decreased by selling or salvaging items. The Equipped Combat Rating can be decreased by removing gear but does not affect the Mark rewards from content. Items with fixed levels contained in a box count towards Combat Rating even if you haven't opened them yet and can't see their stats, let alone use them. On the other hand, boxes of Attuned gear do not count until you open them.

Most vendor sold Level 30 gear and items have a Combat Rating requirement for purchase. Some Level 30 gear has a Combat Rating requirement in order to be equipped.

PvE Tiers[]

  • Tier 1: Level 30 - CR 49
  • Tier 2: CR 50 - CR 99
  • Tier 3: CR 100 - CR 149
  • Tier 4: CR 150 - CR 209
  • Tier 5: CR 210 - CR 298
  • Tier 6: CR 299 -


Combat Rating is equal to 115% of your gear's weighted item level.

Gear Piece GU73 weighted
item level
Pre-GU73 weighted
item level
Weapon 11,5% 12%
Head 12,65% 11%
Neck 5,75% 6%
Back 9,2% 8%
Chest 13,8% 12%
Legs 13,8% 12%
Ring 1 4,6% 6%
Ring 2 4,6% 6%
Trinket 2,3% 6%
Feet 6,9% 7%
Waist 8,05% 7%
Hands 6,9% 7%
Shoulders 11,5% 9%
Face 3,45% 6%


As of game update 47, Equipment Mods no longer affect Combat Rating or Item Level.

As of Game Update 73 (aka Stats Revamp), percentages of weighted item level have been slightly changed.

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