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In Combat, all weapon attacks excluding basic melee and ranged attacks are classified as either Interrupts or Block Breakers.

Interrupting attacks disrupt attacks that are Vulnerable to Interrupt but are Vulnerable to Block.
Blocks disrupt Interrupting attacks but are Vulnerable to Block Breaking.
Block Breakers break Blocks but are Vulnerable to Interrupt.

When hit by a counter mechanism that the player is currently vulnerable to, they are knocked down and take some damage, creating a rock-paper-scissors scenario. Counter damage is based on Precision.

Most Basic attacks are not Interrupts or Block Breakers and are not Vulnerable to Interrupt but may be Vulnerable to Block after a number of hits. Some slower Basic ranged attacks are Block Breakers and are Vulnerable to Interrupt.

A small icon over a player or NPC's head shows which combat mechanism they are using.

Weapon Combat Mechanisms[]

Block Breaker / Vulnerable to Interrupt[]

A player using Pulse Beam, a block breaking attack.

Weapon Block Breakers
Bow Flurry Shot, Long Draw, Trick Shots
Brawling Stomp Smash
Dual Pistols Full Auto, Magnum Round, Slip Shot
Dual Wield Charged Double Throw, Encircling Throw
Hand Blaster Charged Blast, Meteor Blast, Power Discharge, Pulse Beam, Scissor Kick, Solar Flame
Martial Arts Enhanced Shuriken, Heavy Shuriken, Shuriken Storm
One-Handed Focused Blast
Rifle Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Mortar, Rolling Barrage
Shield Heavy Sidearm Throw, Overhand Throw, Sidearm Throw
Staff Focused Spin
Two-Handed Hammer Throw, Mega Smash
Gorilla Form Stomping Rage
Primal Wolf Form Lupine Darts, Primal Burst

Interrupts / Vulnerable to Block[]

A player using Lunging Right, an interrupting attack.

An opponent blocks an interrupting attack.

Cheetah interrupting a player's attack.

Weapon Interrupts
Bow Arrow Fling, Bow Slam, Finishing Volley, Impact Arrow, Kip Up Launcher,  Lunging Stab
Brawling Backfist, Double Fist, Ground Pound, Hammer Fist, Haymaker, Launching Uppercut, Lunging Right, Punt
Dual Pistols Jump Shot, Lifting Strike, Loft Shot, Lunge Strike
Dual Wield Dual Flurry, Flying Spin Attack, Stunning Swipe, Ultra Flurry, Whirlwind Overstrike, Whirlwind Strike
Hand Blaster Fist Slam, Leap Attack, Uppercut
Martial Arts Axe Kick, Cartwheel Kick, Elbow Drop, Knee Launch, Smoke Bomb, Spinning Punch
One-Handed Air Launch, Cleave, Flip Slash, Flurry, Quick Chop, Spin Chop, Spin Slash
Rifle Flip Burst, Overhead Smash, Surprise Volley
Shield Devastating Kicks, Leaping Stab, Overhead Plate Smash, Shield Uppercut, Spinning Backhand, Spinning Downward Cross, Spinning Upsmash
Staff Downward Smash Combo, Launching Roundhouse Combo, Leaping Overhead Strike, Martial Flowers, Roundhouse Combo, Sweeping Slice
Two-Handed Big Scoop, Clobber, Doom Spin, Home Run, Lunging Smash
Gorilla Form Gorilla Rage, Lunge Attack
Insectoid Form Leap Attack, Overgrowth 
Primal Wolf Form Double Slash, Feral Stomp, Ferocious Backfist, Hop Claw, Primal Uppercut, Wolf Rush


Weapon Weapon Combos
Bow  Arrow Fling, Bow Slam, Explosive Shot, Flurry Shot
Brawling Backfist, Ground Pound, Hammer Fist, Haymaker, Launching Uppercut, Punt
Dual Pistols Jump Shot, Magnum Round
Dual Wield Dual Flurry, Encircling Throw, Ultra Flurry  
Hand Blaster  Scissor Kick, Solar Flame 
Martial Arts Elbow Drop, Enhanced Shuriken, Spinning Punch
One-Handed Cleave, Flip Slash, Spin Chop, Spin Slash
Rifle Mortar, Overhead Smash, Rifle Slam, Rolling Barrage
Shield Handspring Kick, Heavy Sidearm Throw, Overhand Throw, Shield Uppercut, Spinning Upsmash
Staff Downward Smash Combo, Leaping Overhead Strike
Two-Handed Clobber, Doom Spin, Home Run, Mega Smash 
Gorilla Form Continued Rage, Stomping Rage
Primal Wolf Form Feral Stomp, Ferocious Backfist, Hop Claw, Lupine Darts, Primal Burst 


Weapon Weapon Combos
Bow Flurry Shot
Brawling Double Fist
Dual Pistols Sweep Shot
Dual Wield  Encircling Throw, Stunning Swipe
Martial Arts Cartwheel Kick, Smoke Bomb, Shuriken Storm 

Flurry, Spin Slash

Rifle Rolling Barrage
Full Supercharge: Flamethrower, Surprise Volley 
Shield Leaping Stab, Overhead Plate Smash, Spinning Downward Cross, Two Footed Slam
Full Supercharge: Sidearm Throw  
Staff  Leaping Overhead Strike,  Martial Flowers
Gorilla Form Gorilla Rage
Primal Wolf Form Double Slash, Hop Claw


Weapon Weapon Combos
Bow  Finishing Volley, Kip Up Launcher
Dual Pistols Lifting Strike, Loft Shot
Dual Wield  Flying Spin Attack, Whirlwind Overstrike
Full Supercharge: Whirlwind Strike
Hand Blaster Meteor Blast, Uppercut
Martial Arts Knee Launch
One-Handed Air Launch, Flip Slash
Rifle   Flip Burst
Staff Launching Roundhouse Combo, Roundhouse Combo
Two-Handed Big Scoop
Insectoid Form Overgrowth
Primal Wolf Form Double Slash, Primal Uppercut, Wolf Rush


Weapon Weapon Combos
Bow Impact Arrow
Brawling Ground Pound
Dual Pistols Full Auto
Dual Wield  Encircling Throw, Flying Spin Attack  
Hand Blaster Fist Slam, Pulse Beam
Rifle Grenade Launcher

Power Combat Abilities[]

Vulnerable to Interrupt[]

Power Set Powers
Atomic Geiger Beam
Celestial Defile, Guardian's Light
Earth Sandblast
Electricity Ionic Drain
Fire Absorb Heat, Fireburst, Mass Detonation, Snuff Out
Gadgets EMP Pulse, Fear Gas, Implosion Mine, Photon Blast, Thermite Mine
Ice Arctic Gust, Avalanche, Glacier Flash, Frost Blast
Iconic Freezing Breath, Heat Vision, Sonic Shout
Light Light Blast, Minigun
Mental Mass Levitation, Mass Terror, Terrorize
Munitions 50 Cal, Chain Gun, Five Barrel Minigun, Particle Gun, Railguns, Rocket Launcher, Small Package
Nature Bloom, Impaling Thorns, Roar
Rage Channel Hate, Dreadful Explosion, Plasma Retch
Quantum Energy Expulsion
Sorcery Final Ruin, Invocation of Renewal, Soul Storm
Water Torrent

Usable While Controlled[]

Power Set Powers
Acrobatics Perfect Poise
Atomic Density, Mass Density, Neutrino Blast, Proton Remedy, Energize
Celestial Blessing, Cursed Idol, Life Drain, Sacrifice
Earth Envelop, Gemstone Shield, Soothing Sands
Electricity Circuit Breaker, Group Transducer, Flux
Fire Backdraft, Burning Determination, Burnout, Immolation, Reignition, Stoke Flames
Flight Air Burst, Dustoff
Gadgets Anesthetic, Battle Drone, Distract, Neural Neutralizer, Self-Destruct Signal
Ice Hibernation, Ice Elemental, Reflection, Shatter Restraints, Winter Ward
Iconic Clown Box, Pheromone Bloom
Light Group Shielding, Light Barrier, Restore
Mental Bastion, Convalesce, Grandeur, Reflect Pain, Telekinetic Shield
Munitions Active Protection System, MRE, Survival
Nature Canine Form, Carnivorous Plants, Gorilla Form, Insectoid Form, Primal Wolf Form, Rampage, Regeneration, Swarm Shield
Rage Berserk, Ire, Infuriate, Redirected Rage, Severe Punishment, Vindictive
Quantum Closed Loop, Event Horizon, Quantum Tunneling, Time Bubble
Skimming Dustoff, Typhoon Flip
Sorcery Boon of Souls
Super Speed Dash Attack, Metabolic Boost
Water Bubble, Flood of Power, Tempest Guard

Damage Prevention[]

Power Set Powers
Acrobatics Perfect Poise
Atomic Density, Mass Density
Celestial Blessing, Consecrated Ground, Sacrifice
Earth Envelop, Gemstone Shield
Electricity Group Transducer, Flux
Fire Immolation
Flight Dustoff
Gadgets Battle Drone, Distract, Holographic Decoy, Neural Neutralizer
Ice Hibernation, Reflection, Shatter Restraints, Winter Ward
Iconic Amazonium Deflection, Clown Box, Hard Light Shield
Light Group Shielding, Light Barrier
Mental Bastion, Grandeur, Telekinetic Shield
Munitions Active Protection System, Mounted Turret, Rocket Jump, Rocket Retreat, Survival
Nature  Swarm Shield
Rage Redirected Rage
Quantum Closed Loop, Event Horizon, Oblivion, Quantum Tunneling, Time Bubble
Skimming Dustoff
Sorcery Boon of Souls, Transcendence
Super Speed Dash Attack, Phase Dodge
Water Bubble, Flood of Power, Tempest Guard


Power Set Powers
Acrobatics Grapple Line Attack
Atomic Atomic Reorganization, Atom Splitter
Celestial Consume Soul
Earth Earthen Grip, Epicenter
Electricity Attract
Fire Backdraft, Engulf
Flight Low Pressure
Gadgets Taser Pull
Ice Inescapable Storm, Resonating Gale
Iconic Mesmerizing Lasso
Light Fan, Grasping Hand
Mental Telekinetic Pull
Munitions Net Retractor, Multi-Net Retractor
Nature Vine Lash
Rage Eviscerating Chain, Ragebringer, Without Mercy
Quantum Einstein's Ray
Skimming Low Pressure
Sorcery Soul Siphon
Super Speed Tornado Pull
Water Ebb

Unconditional Self Heals[]

Power Set Powers
Atomic Energize, Proton Remedy, Neutrino Blast
Celestial Guardian's Light, Life Drain, Renew, Virtuous Light
Earth Envelop, Soothing Sands
Electricity Arc Lightning, Bio-Capacitor, Bioelectric Surge, Electroburst, Galvanize, Group Transducer, Ionic Drain, Invigorate, Recover
Fire Absorb Heat, Backdraft, Burning Determination, Burnout, Eternal Flame, Reignition, Stoke Flames
Gadgets Anesthetic
Ice Hibernation
Iconic Pheromone Bloom, Word of Power
Light Restore, Triage
Mental Convalesce
Munitions MRE
Nature Bloom, Blossom, Carnivorous Plants, Cross Pollination, Flourish, Metabolism, Rampage, Regeneration
Rage Ire, Severe Punishment, Vindictive
Quantum Closed Loop
Sorcery Invocation of Renewal, Offering, Rejuvenate, Transcendence
Super Speed Metabolic Boost
Water Blessing of the Depths, Mending Wave, Solace of the Sea, Soothing Mist, Tranquil Pool

Supercharge Generator Powers[]

Power Set Powers
Atomic Unleash Antimatter
Celestial Sacred Light
Earth Unstoppable
Electricity Static Push
Fire Meteor Strike
Gadgets Stasis Field
Ice Impaling Ice
Light Light Weight Strike
Mental Horrific Visage
Munitions Shrapnel Grenade Launcher
Nature Serpent Call
Rage Relentless Anger
Quantum Anomaly
Sorcery Karmic Suspension
Water Drown

Weapon Buff Powers[]

Power Set Powers
Atomic Atom-Powered Assault
Celestial Anoint
Earth Reinforce
Electricity Wired
Fire Fiery Weapon
Gadgets Battle Display
Ice Ice Bash
Light Inspiration
Mental Menace
Munitions Killer Instincts
Nature Carnage
Rage Bloodlust
Quantum Warped Reality
Sorcery Weapon of Destiny
Water Pressurize

Supercharge Powers[]

Power Tree Cost Type
Atomic Blast Atomic 5000 Offensive
Energize Atomic 5000 Defensive
Radiation Burn Atomic 10000 Offensive
Mass Density Atomic 5000 Defensive
Sacrifice Celestial 5000 Defensive
Consecrated Ground Celestial 10000 Defensive
Cursed Idol Celestial 5000 Offensive
Life Drain Celestial 5000 Offensive
Earthquake Earth 5000 Offensive
Envelop Earth 5000 Defensive
Entomb Earth 5000 Offensive
Meteor Shower Earth 10000 Offensive
Group Transducer Electricity 5000 Defensive
Invigorate Electricity 10000 Defensive
Megavolt Electricity 5000 Offensive
Circuit Breaker Electricity 5000 Offensive
Eternal Flame Fire 5000 Defensive
Fireball Barrage Fire 5000 Offensive
Reignition Fire 5000 Defensive
Volcanic Calamity Fire 10000 Offensive
Anesthetic Gadgets 5000 Defensive
Asphyxiation Gas Gadgets 5000 Offensive
Battle Drone Gadgets 5000 Utility
Bunker Buster Gadgets 10000 Offensive
Blizzard Ice 5000 Offensive
Deep Freeze Ice 5000 Offensive
Freeze Ray Ice 5000 Offensive
Hibernation Ice 5000 Defensive
Ice Elemental Ice 5000 Shapeshifting
Strafing Run Light 10000 Offensive
Ballistic Assault Light 5000 Offensive
Group Shielding Light 5000 Defensive
Restore Light 5000 Defensive
Bolt Barrage Mental 10000 Offensive
Bastion Mental 5000 Defensive
Mass Hysteria Mental 5000 Offensive
Convalesce Mental 5000 Defensive
Active Protection System Munitions 5000 Defensive
Biggun Munitions 10000 Offensive
Mounted Turret Munitions 5000 Offensive
MRE Munitions 5000 Defensive
Carnivorous Plants Nature 5000 Offensive
Chaotic Growth Nature 10000 Offensive
Insectoid Form Nature 2500 Shapeshifting
Primal Wolf Form Nature 2500 Shapeshifting
Gorilla Form Nature 5000 Shapeshifting
Canine Form Nature 2500 Shapeshifting
Rampage Nature 5000 Offensive
Regeneration Nature 5000 Defensive
Temporal Vortex Quantum 5000 Offensive
Closed Loop Quantum 5000 Defensive
Event Horizon Quantum 5000 Defensive
Oblivion Quantum 10000 Offensive
Mangle Rage 5000 Offensive
Berserk Rage 5000 Offensive
Vindictive Rage 5000 Defensive
Infuriate Rage 5000 Utility
Arbiter of Destiny Sorcery 5000 Shapeshifting
Baleful Transmogrification Sorcery 5000 Offensive
Grand Summoning Sorcery 10000 Offensive
Polymorph Sorcery 5000 Utility
Transcendence Sorcery 5000 Defensive
Call of the Deep Water 10000 Offensive
Whirlpool Water 5000 Offensive
Tranquil Pool Water 5000 Defensive
Flood of Power Water 5000 Utility
Perfect Poise Acrobatics 2500 Defensive
Devastating Flip Acrobatics 2500 Utility
Dustoff Flight, Skimming 2500 Defensive
Vacuum Bubble Flight 2500 Utility
Gale Skimming 2500 Utility
Metabolic Boost Superspeed 2500 Defensive
Speed Drain Superspeed 2500 Utility
Dash Attack Superspeed 2500 Defensive
Word of Power Iconic Powers 5000 Utility
Pheromone Bloom Iconic Powers 2500 Defensive
Clown Box Iconic Powers 5000 Defensive

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Retains Stealth[]

Power Power Set
Implosion Mine Gadgets
Self-Destruct Signal Gadgets
Suppressor Turret Gadgets
Thermite Mine Gadgets
Mass Hysteria Mental
Hard Light Shield Iconic
Neo Venom Boost Iconic
Robot Sidekick Iconic


  • The icons for combat counter mechanisms is not considered part of the User Interface and will still appear even if it is turned off.
  • Some special NPCs may be vulnerable to interrupt without using a vulnerable to interrupt attack, allowing you to interrupt them all the same, including Xa-Du in The Last Son of Krypton while walking towards a yellow sun projector.


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