Swamp Things is a collection comprised of twelve items related to swamps. Eleven can be obtained from the Sewer Rendezvous seasonal alert and one must be bought from the seasonal vendor (Arborist Louis / The Misgiving Tree) during the Springtime event.


"These items are all part of a swampy ecosystem."

1: Mushroom Cap Icon Twig Green
2: Dragonfly Wings Icon Twig Green
3: Frog Eyes Icon Twig Green
4: Alligator Teeth Icon Twig Green
5: Patch of Moss Icon Twig Green
6: Fern Frond Icon Twig Green
7: Small Glow Worm Icon Twig Green
8: Cracked Turtle Shell Icon Twig Green
9: Long Snake Fang Icon Twig Green
10: Crayfish Claw Icon Twig Green
11: Mangrove Leaf Icon Twig Green
12: Dr. Holland's Lab Coat MoneyPickup Icon Twig Green


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon From: The Question Subject: Swamp Things
"Not sure why you contacted me, but... good job... I guess? All I can say is nature doesn't like to be contained, it always finds a way."
Attachment: Butterfly Aura


Icon Aura 2 Purple

This collection rewards the player with the Butterfly Aura accessory style.