Social Engineering is a Metacollection comprised of six Collections covering the social locations of Metropolis and Gotham City.


"Complete the collections gathering treasures of a social nature."

1: Collections: Daily Planet Guides MiscItem11
2: Collections: Gotham Gazette Guides MiscItem11
3: Collections: Metropolis Matchups MiscItem11
4: Collections: Gotham Meetups MiscItem11
5: Collections: Stagg Stop Maps MiscItem11


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or The Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal. Heroes:

Mail icon From: The Question Subject: Going To A Meetup
"The world is a big place, and these items you've collected allow a deeper understanding of the cities and their surroundings. What I don't understand is how it's possible people are still printing paper maps these days. Haven't they ever heard of GPS?"
Attachment: Swift Gadgeteer's Leggings


Mail icon From: The Riddler Subject:
Attachment: Swift Gadgeteer's Leggings


Icon Legs 012 Blue

This collection rewards the player with the Swift Gadgeteer's Leggings leg style item (style: Gadgeteer).