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No Man's Land is a collection comprised of eight gang patches originating from when Gotham City was reduced to a ruined "No Man's Land" following an earthquake that decimated the city. These patches can be obtained from collection nodes found in Gotham City.


"These gang patches represent the factions that fought for control during Gotham's lowest point. Several parties would be interested in collating the debris of history."

1: Diamond District Penguin Gang Patch Icon Badge Green
2: East Side Maskers Gang Patch Icon Badge Green
3: Tricorner GCPD Gang Patch Icon Badge Green
4: North Gotham Demonz Gang Patch Icon Badge Green
5: Old Gotham Lo Boyz Gang Patch Icon Badge Green
6: City Hall Two-Faced Gang Patch Icon Badge Green
7: West Side Freeze Gang Patch Icon Badge Green
8: Arkham Jokerz Gang Patch Icon Badge Green


Mail Messages[]

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or The Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


float:left From: The Question Subject: Seedy And Corrupt
"I wouldn’t live anywhere else, but Gotham’s corrupt criminal underbelly is a stark look at the worst of the city. Thank you for collecting these harsh remnants of dark times in Gotham. They’ll serve some people very well as reminders."
Attachment: Grooved Enforcer's Boots


float:left From: The Riddler Subject: Memory Lane's Closed
"These gang patches you've collected are an unpleasant reminder of my vacation away from Gotham. I'd prefer our associates didn't plunge us into that sort of chaos again. It wasn't enjoyable for anyone with half a brain."
Attachment: Grooved Enforcer's Boots


Icon Feet 005 Blue

This collection rewards the player with the Grooved Enforcer's Boots feet style item (style: Dresden 7).