Nefarious Beach Party is a collection comprised of twelve items related to a summerly villain convention. Eleven can be obtained from enemies in the seasonal content and one must be bought from the seasonal vendor (Atlantean Quartermaster / Mutineer Quartermaster) during the Summer Event event.


"The world's most infamous villains held a super-secret gathering at a nearby beach last night. Maybe these items will provide a clue as to the purpose of that meeting."

1: Penguin's Cocktail Umbrella MoneyPickup Icon Soder Helmet Green
2: Grodd's Banana Peels Icon Soder Helmet Green
3: Heart-Shaped Sunglasses Icon Soder Helmet Green
4: Mr. Freeze's Drink Cooler Icon Soder Helmet Green
5: Gigantic Bathing Suit Icon Soder Helmet Green
6: Black Manta's Paddleboard Icon Soder Helmet Green
7: Harley's Beach Towel Icon Soder Helmet Green
8: Joker's Board Shorts Icon Soder Helmet Green
9: 50 Empty Sunscreen Bottles Icon Soder Helmet Green
10: Harley's SPF 500 Sunscreen Icon Soder Helmet Green
11: Shredded Parasail Harness Icon Soder Helmet Green
12: Tug-Of-War-Rope Icon Soder Helmet Green


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Oracle or Calculator, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Oracle Subject: The Legion's Luau
"What is all of this trash? It looks like the only real crime committed here was littering. As far as I'm concerned, the bad guys taking a day off to party at the beach is a good thing. I wish they'd do it more often."
Attachment: Case of Marks [Victory x 5]


Mail icon From: Calculator Subject: The Legion's Luau
"I can't believe they had a beach party and didn't invite me! I've spent the best years of my life serving the Legion of Doom, and this is the thanks I get?"
Attachment: Case of Marks [Victory x 5]



This collection rewards the player with the Case of Marks [Victory x 5] item.




The collection was first introduced during the 2018 summer event.