Lids of a Lifetime is a collection of twelve various headwear used throughout time. These can be obtained from Time Torn Time Capsules.


"This is a collection of headwear from various times and places in the world."

1: Immaculate Khepresh Icon Hat White
2: Roughed-Up Kausia Icon Hat White
3: Pristine Laurel Wreath Icon Hat White
4: Salt-Stained Tricorn Hat Icon Hat White
5: Embroidered Tarbush Icon Hat White
6: Bloody Bowler Hat Icon Hat White
7: Dusty Shako Icon Hat White
8: Worn Birka Icon Hat White
9: Grey Tyrolean Hat Icon Hat White
10: Mammoth Headwrap Icon Hat Green
11: Shiny Centurion Helmet Icon Hat Green
12: Tall Peaked Cap Icon Hat Blue


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon From: The Question Subject: Lids of a Lifetime
"Collecting these hats shows us the breadth of style throughout time on this Earth."
Attachment: Time Torn Material


Icon Style Material

This collection rewards the player with the Time Torn Material.