Genetically Modified Maize is a collection comprised of five genetically modified specimens of corn. Each specimen can be obtained from collection nodes found in Smallville.


"Corn. Yes, corn. It's Kansas. But this isn't just any corn, this is DNA-spliced super-corn. What secrets lie in the depths of these kernels? Collect them all and find out."

1: White Corn Icon Crate Green
2: Red Corn Icon Crate Green
3: Blue Corn Icon Crate Green
4: Yellow Corn Icon Crate Green
5: Purple Corn Icon Crate Green


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or the Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal. Heroes:

Mail icon From: The Question Subject: Once You Pop
"This isn't just corn you've collected: this is a superfuel of the future. Looks like someone is trying to engineer a corn oil seven times as efficient as crude oil. Now who would gain the most from this move?"
Attachment: Vine-Twisted Boots


Mail icon From: Riddler Subject: Pop Secrets
"Behold! Corn! The cobs you've collected are more than just delicious movie snacks: they're inroads into a new type of biofuel. Well done associate. I'm off to buy a cornmobile!"
Attachment: Vine-Twisted Boots


FeetPlantIcon Feet 004 Blue100px

This collection rewards the player with the Vine-Twisted Boots item.