Exobitten is a collection of twelve items related to Exobytes. These can be obtained from Paradox Collector's Capsules contained in Paradox Time Capsules.


"Exobytes are an integral part of Brainiac's conquests. All of these items are relates to exobytes."

1: Drained Miniature Powersource Icon DNA Sample White
2: Digitized Human Data Icon DNA Sample White
3: Empty Storage Cannister Icon DNA Sample White
4: Analysis: Exobyte Data Icon DNA Sample White
5: Digitized "Jitters" Data Icon DNA Sample White
6: Fragmented Yellow Exobyte Icon DNA Sample White
7: Tiny Exobyte Armor Plating Icon DNA Sample White
8: Encrypted Exobyte Data Icon DNA Sample White
9: Inactive Green Exobyte Icon DNA Sample White
10: Mysterious Pink Exobyte Icon DNA Sample Green
11: Defective Exobit Icon DNA Sample Green
12: Harvester Ship Map Icon DNA Sample Blue


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon From: The Question Subject: Exobitten Collection
"Exobytes changed the way our world works and turned many normal people into heroes and villains. These items will be useful for cataloguing their importance."
Attachment: Exoskeleton Cache


Head39 5

This collection rewards the player with the Exoskeleton Cache (Exoskeleton Helm and Exoskeleton Bracers).