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Bibbo's Burgers Signature Plates is a collection comprised of six signature dishes themed on prominent members of the Justice League of America, all of which can be obtained from collection nodes found in the Suicide Slums district of Metropolis.


"These humorously decorated plates are about as tasteful as the #2 combo. But what's the deeper meaning? Why these six heroes? Further research is warranted."

1: Meatloaf of Steel Signature Plate MiscItem35
2: World's Greatest Deep Dish Signature Plate MiscItem35
3: The Amazing Appetizer Signature Plate MiscItem35
4: The Scarlet Sandwich Signature Plate MiscItem35
5: Kingfish of the Sea Signature Plate MiscItem35
6: The Emerald Artichoke Signature Plate MiscItem35


Mail Messages[]

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or The Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


float:left From: The Question Subject: The Burger Wars
"Bibbo's Burgers has tried a few marketing tricks to compete with Big Belly. I think I've seen these plates you've collected before. Didn't they come with matching "The Secret Sauce of Super Vittles" signature glasses?"
Attachment: Tall Synthweave Gloves


float:left From: The Riddler Subject: The Good China
"These plates may be an eyesore, but this lovely collection is the holy grail of kitch to a gentleman somewhere in LA. Thanks for your services, associate."
Attachment: Tall Synthweave Gloves


Icon Hands 001 Blue

This collection rewards the player with the Tall Synthweave Gloves hands style item (style: Patriotic (male)/Tech Sniper (female)).



  • The name of each dish is a play on titles given to JLA members Superman (The Man of Steel), Batman (The World's Greatest Detective), Wonder Woman (The Amazing Amazon), The Flash (The Scarlet Speeder), Aquaman (The King of the Sea), and Green Arrow (The Emerald Archer).