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Alien Technology is a collection comprised of eight disruptor/disabler weapons from alien origins, all of which can be obtained from collection nodes found in the Tomorrow District of Metropolis.


"From battlegrounds to escape routes, Earth has become a beacon to numerous alien races. It would be prudent to hold onto any alien technology you discover."

1: Thanagarian Disruptor MiscItem25
2: Apokaliptian Disabler MiscItem25
3: Kryptonian Disruptor MiscItem25
4: Martian Disabler MiscItem25
5: Oan Disabler MiscItem25
6: Apellexian Disruptor MiscItem25
7: Cathexian Disabler MiscItem25
8: Rannian Disruptor MiscItem25


Mail Messages[]

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or The Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


float:left From: The Question Subject: Not of This World
"That's a pretty %@@$ impressive collection of alien tech. I wonder if these dropped from hands of aliens or if their previous owners were a bit more local. So many questions to answer... Thanks again."
Attachment: Grooved Alien Leggings


float:left From: The Riddler Subject: Alien Accoutrements
"I'm fairly impressed by your collection of alien technology. We're lucky these fell into the wrong hands. Keep this up and you might string two decent collections together."
Attachment: Grooved Alien Leggings


Icon Legs 001 Blue

This collection rewards the player with the Grooved Alien Leggings legs style item (style: Dresden 7).