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Cold Contender is a level 21 villain mission automatically started upon the completion of Frozen Assets.

Steal a crucial component of Mister Freeze's technology for the Joker inside Gotham's Mercy General Hospital.


"Here we are, the promised land! Mister Freeze's Ice chamber inside Gotham General! Now here's the plan. Mister Freeze's been working on his Cryotech for ages. Wants to resurrect the sick wife he's got stored in a giant ice cube or something. Well, wifey will have to wait - I need that deep freeze from some of the more, ah, alive ingredients of my new Joker toxin. I need you to get in there and upload the information from the main cold core. Thanks, you're a real pal." — Joker
"Now, upload the data to me! If Freeze sees you, you'll be an ice sculpture. His good nature only goes so far." — Joker
  • Defeat Mister Freeze and Retrieve the Diamonds
"Ah, there you are! Still room temperature, and diamonds intact! They may be a girl's best friend, but friends are overrated. As Mister Freeze has just learned. Ah well, he'll have plenty of time to brood over it when the SCU busts in to take him to Arkham... and now my dreams of Joker toxin over ice will finally be a reality. I call that a win! Ta-ta!" — Joker

Upon completion, Your Best Face Forward is automatically started.

Freelance mission[]