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Follow The Riddler's third set of coordinates to get to Otisburg and uncover the Joker's secret.

Watch out for Clayface. He is disguised as the Odd-Looking Joker Goon.


"Nigma's second riddle... it must mean that the Joker is working with someone to make his toxin. Someone who's using the Joker for his own ends. I'm putting the third coordinates on your map, let's see what The Riddler's next clue reveals." — Batman
  • Travel to the Coordinates Found in Gotham's Otisburg Neighborhood
"Get in close! Those robots - they're models of Red Tornado, the robot created by... T.O. Morrow. "You'll know tomorrow" - [resigned] very clever, Riddler. [normal] The previous attacks were all designed to draw attention away from the Joker's new robot squad... You know what to do." — Batman
  • Defeat Joker Goons (0/20)
  • Eradicate J1N1 Deployment Vans with Power Cores (0/5)
  • Locate The Riddler's Final Riddle Box
"It doesn't take Batman to decode that last clue. Riddler's in trouble - at the Monarch Trading Card company. Updating your map." — Oracle

Selectable Reward[]

Weapon Type Name Style
Bow Quick Synthium Longbow Tech Bow
Brawling Veridium-Weighted Knuckles Power Glaive
Dual Pistol Machined-Grip Pistols Energy Blaster
Dual Wield Dual Synth-Plated Swords Claymore
Hand Blaster Synth-Plated Blaster Gloves Plasma Gauntlets
Martial Arts Veridium-Plated Claws Tri-blade Katar
One-Handed Veridium Techno-Blade Gear Blade
Rifle LX9200 Proto-Rifle MPU-74
Shield Featherweight Shield Reinforced Crest
Staff Humming Coil Staff Tesla Staff
Two-Handed Featherweight Delta Axe Delta Axe