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Meet Parasite at the safehouse.. . while he's still full.

Clubhouse Clout is a quest in the of Storming the Ivory Tower story arc provided to low level Meta Villains, as well as in another story arc for low level tech villains.


Lex Luthor is developing a method to take down the new super heroes by transforming them into copies of Parasite. Lex Luthor needs the help of the new Villain, fresh off the Brainiac Harvester Ship to help him finish the tests and prevent Power Girl from stopping them.


"I see you're a valuable ally. With Power Girl's DNA, I am one step closer to cracking the Kryptonian genetic code. Meet Parasite in the local safehouse for your reward. But I wouldn't get too close. He has... poor impulse control." — Lex Luthor


Meet Catwoman at the North Burnley Nightclub for your reward.

"Well, well. That went as well as could be expected. Calculator tells me you picked up a stray. She's got something for you at the safehouse. Hope it's not fleas! Haha!" — Joker
  • Speak to Catwoman at the North Burnley Nightclub

Slim Sensormise Jacket

Non-Player Characters[]


  • 7 Cash
  • Prototype Plexiderm Shirt