The Clocktower is a complex located in Gotham City's Old Gotham district.

Serving as an apartment complex, the building’s upper floors served as the home and secret headquarters of Barbara Gordon; who secretly operated as the Oracle.

Hidden behind a fake wall in Gordon’s civilian apartment, a fully wheel chair accessible headquarters has been assembled which includes a large computer system and database from which she operates to communicate with people and process information. Other additions include living areas for her Birds of Prey agents and a fully interactive holographic training room that is linked to the Oracle mainframe. The headquarters also possesses a balcony access to the clock tower roof and a security deterrent system to ward off potential invaders.





  • Insured by the Wayne Foundation, the clocktower was one of the few buildings that survived the Cataclysm earthquake relatively unscathed due to earthquake proofing, it was from here that Oracle operated during Gotham’s No Man’s Land, employing agents to operate and report from various areas of the city in order to keep tabs on the Gotham fiefdoms.
  • During the Gotham War Games, the tower was targeted by the Black Mask; thinking that it was the location of the Batcave.

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