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Assist Clinic Doctors in treating fear gas victims and Hazmat workers scrubbing the air free of gas.


Batman: Doctor Thompkins has finished synthesizing my antidote, but Scarecrow's gang is assaulting the area to keep the doctors and Hazmat from helping anyone. Protect the doctors and ensure as many citizens as possible get that antidote.


  • Travel to Gotham Free Clinic
  • Speak to Detective Harvey Bullock
  • Assist Doctors in administering fear gas antidote to civilians x10
  • Protect Gotham Hazmat Senior Officers working to get rooftop air scrubbers operational x5
  • Defeat Scarecrow's Henchman x 20


Follow the yellow arrow on the mini-map to the Free Clinic and speak to Harvey Bullock.

Travel around the clinic look for the doctors they will be standing next to a police officer. Talk to the doctor and some of Scarecrow's henchmen will attack you. Take them out and a hallucinating victims will run up to you. At this point you will be attacked again. Let the officer take the threat and you cure the victim. You will get 2 to 3 victims per doctor.

Once that is done head up to the top of the roofs and help the Hazmat Officers. Attack the henchmen and then press E on the Hazmat Officer.

"You don't scare easy, and I mean Harvey Bullock, not just the fear gas." — Oracle

Selectable Reward[]

Weapon Type Name Style
Bow High-Tensile Compound Bow Reflex Bow
Brawling Enforcer's Backup Knuckles Spike Cestus
Dual Pistol Enforcer's Pistols Plasma Pistol
Dual Wield Intimidating Axes Thanagarian Tomahawk
Hand Blaster Street Blasters Hand Cannons
Martial Arts Weighted Street Fighter's Claws Manta Blade
One-Handed Legbreaker's Chopper Barbarian Sword
Rifle Enforcer's Rifle Intergang Rifle
Shield Enforcer's Plate Buzzsaw Blade
Staff Streetfighter's Staff Staff
Two-Handed Gangster's Kneebreaker Spike Hammer