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Citizen Collection is a level 17 mission started by talking to Sentinel Carter on a balcony of the Ellsworth Memorial Hospital.

Sentinel Carter wants you to collect some items from citizens affected by the magical affliction.


  • Collect Demon Energy from Corrupted Citizens (0/10) (292 xp)


  • Wrathful Citizens and Wrathful Metahumans both drop those (only after interacting after defeat), but the former lacks a long-ranged attack.
  • Minions of Wrath may spawn when the player interact with defeated citizens. Killing them is not needed.
  • Players shouldn't really need to do much fighting - the wrathful humans fight amongst themselves, against officers and players, it is not uncommon to see bodies strewn all over the area.
  • Avatar of Sin may appear.


  • Cash $16
  • 293 xp upon completion