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Circle of Destiny

A Circle of Protection.

Circle of Destruction

A Circle of Destruction.

Circle of Destiny is a Tier 5 Sorcery power in the Destiny tree.

Official Description[]

Create arcane sigils that invoke powerful magical effects dependent on your role.

Circle of Protection
In Healing Role, conjure a glowing sigil beneath your target, continuously healing any allies that seek refuge upon it.

Circle of Destruction
Conjure a glowing sigil beneath your target, continuously damaging any enemies that dare tread upon it.

Vulnerable to Interrupt
Power Interactions: Polymorphed and Bad Karma affected enemies are snared and take damage over time.
Damage Role: Increases all damage by 50% until the hit counter resets.


Allies only need to pass through a Circle of Protection to receive Healing over time.
Both Circles are available in the Arbiter of Destiny form.
Condemn, Karmic Backlash, Soul Siphon, Weapon of Destiny, Shard of Life and Karmic Hex consumables inflict Bad Karma on opponents.