Central City is a city located across the Missouri River from Keystone City, in Kansas.

Only players who have purchased the Lightning Strikes DLC or have Legendary status and have a Combat Rating of 53 or higher can enter the city through a teleporter in the southeast corner of the Hangar (Watchtower), beneath the Tech Wing (heroes).

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Unknown assailants have been traveling back in time in an attempt to change events in the past, resulting in tears in the timeline barriers and exposure of the Speed Force at various points in the city. Paradox Reapers have also begun to appear to destroy the current timeline.

Central City (Origin Crisis) is the initial location for the Brothers in Arms and Family Reunion operations.

During the Starro the Conqueror event, the city is turned into the Central City Starro Deluge Zone.


Central City and its sister-city are known as the "Twin Cities" due to their proximity to each other; separated only by a river that runs between them. Citizens are fond of describing the city as; "New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Central City is the city always on the run.”

The city was originally founded in the 19th century and became an important stop for cattle drives. It began to see tremendous growth after the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, becoming the first major hubs west of Chicago.
A second period of growth occurred after World War I, and it has burgeoned to the present day.

The city is perhaps most famous for being protected by the Flash (Barry Allen), and for being assailed by the various colorful members of The Rogues.






  • Central City first appeared in Showcase #4 (September-October 1956)
  • Up to 50 players can enter Central City at any given moment.
  • Due to the reality-altering effects of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Central City gained a twin city named Keystone City. Originally, Keystone City was located on the parallel Earth known as Earth-Two, in approximately the same space where Central City was located in Earth-One. Following the Crisis, both cities appeared alongside each other.
  • As the "City always on the run", Central City is a city of people glued to their phones and their coffee cups. Coffee is like the blood of the city, with one coffee brand in particular; Jitters Coffee, prevalent in cross city marketing.
  • In the 25th Century, Central City became known as the Central Cityplex.
  • The Combine Arena, the home stadium of the Keystone City Combines hockey team, is two blocks east of the Flash Museum, beyond the map's edge. Linda Park and Captain Cold are huge fans of the hockey team.

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