Cape Carmine Lighthouse is a Gotham location, a level 9 mission instance and a Tier 3 Duo.
Access to the Cape Carmine Lighthouse Duo requires a Combat Rating of 53.
The Duo rewards 2 Marks of Victory for players with a Combat Rating between 53 and 79. Players with a Combat Rating higher than 79 only receive Loot items from the Duo.

In-Game HistoryEdit

The lighthouse is taken over by Bane and his venom-powered minions at one point in the game.

Duo DescriptionEdit

Nightwing and Killer Croc race to get to Bane and his store of muscle-maximizing Venom. Take down Bane and take out the competition.








  • The Lighthouse Keeper employs the player to destroy 15 Venom Canisters.
  • The area around the Cape Carmine Lighthouse is notable for containing several exobit spawns in close proximity with each other.
  • Cape Carmine is named after comicbook artist Carmine Infantino; who was a major force in the Silver Age of Comic Books and helped design the suit of Barry Allen and co-created Barbara Gordon alongside Gardner Fox, amongst other silver age characters.