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Canine Form is a Nature power that becomes available at Level 30.


Transform into a stealthy Canine with new powers and increased Power regeneration.

Grants Multiple Abilities :

  • Thrash: Snap at your target, damaging it over time and stunning it.
  • Fling: Chomp down on your target and toss them to the side, damaging and knocking down surrounding enemies. Spreads and refreshes Poison on enemies.
  • Muttabolism: Increase your canine metabolism, restoring Health to yourself and your group members over time.
  • Sneak: For a short time, detaunt enemies and become extremely difficult to detect.
  • Pack Leader: Summon a couple of canine companions to dogpile on your enemies.


Usable While Controlled
Cooldown: 12s
Supercharge Cost: 2500


Fling can be used to spread and refresh Poison from Briar, Carnivorous Plants, Serpent Call and Vine Lash.
You cannot use any Movement Modes while in Canine Form. This form also lacks any sort of basic melee or ranged attack, unlike all other forms.

Pack Leader summon two Dogs. It is used without power cost or cooldown when Canine Form is cast, so you can have up to four Dogs at the beginning.