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Burning is an effect caused by certain Fire or Heat based powers.
Burning Power Interactions are primarily used by Fire, Gadgets and Munitions characters.

Burning Power Interactions[]

Interaction Powers
Burns enemies

Fire : Enflame, Engulf, Immolation, Inferno, Meteor, Meteor Strike, Reignition, Stoke Flames

Gadgets : Napalm Grenade, Thermite Mine

Munitions : Chain Grenade Launcher, Flak Cannon, Laser Net Launcher, Shrapnel Grenade Launcher

Iconic : Heat Vision

Consumable : Incendiary Mine, Inferno Module, Napalm Atomizer

Additional damage to Burning enemies

Fire : Absorb Heat, Backdraft, Detonate, Fireball, Fireburst, Flame Cascade, Mass Detonation, Overheat, Spontaneous Combustion, Wildfire

Gadgets : Cryo-field, Cryo-Foam, EMP Pulse, Fear Gas, Implosion Mine, Paralyzing Dart, Sticky Bomb, Suppressor Turret

Munitions : 50 Cal, Chain Gun, Five Barrel Minigun, Mini-Nuke, Multi-Net Launcher, Particle Gun, Pump Action Shotgun, Rocket Jump, Rocket Launcher, Railguns, Rocket Retreat, Smoke Grenade Launcher, Splosion

Burns Electrified enemies

Gadgets : Cryo-field, Cryo-Foam, Fear Gas

Restores additional Health against Burning enemies

Fire : Absorb Heat, Backdraft