Created by Batman to survey the metahuman population in the absence of leadership from Superman and Wonder Woman, the Brother MK I surveillance satellite was given intelligence by Alexander Luthor and abducted from Batman's control by Maxwell Lord.

Under Maxwell's instruction, Brother Eye began spreading the OMAC virus through the civilian population to form an OMAC army in Maxwell's own plans to control the metahuman population.

During the Infinite Crisis, Brother Eye sends the OMAC army to kill the metahuman population after Wonder Woman kills Maxwell Lord. Batman leads a collection of heroes to hunt down Brother Eye, destroying its guidance system and sending it plummeting to Earth.
Surviving Batman's attack by downloading itself into a secondary hub in the Gotham sewers, Brother Eye becomes a pawn of Brainiac; using its recreated OMAC army to serve Brainiac in attacking Gotham City.

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  • Under Batman/Lex Luthor's instruction and Fire/Killer Frost's assistance, the new heroes/villains are tasked with infiltrating Brother Eye's base and destroying it to stop the spread of the OMAC virus.
  • Brother Eye and Brainiac have taken over the Batcave. The new heroes and villains must battle through the Outer Caverns' automated defenses and security to purge both Brainiac and Brother Eye from Batman's fortress. Brother Eye was seemingly defeated at the end of Batcave: Inner Sanctum, before it activates protocol "Knight Eye" which converts Batman into OMAC Batman.


  • Brother Eye first appeared in The OMAC Project #1 (June 2005)
  • Brother Eye has a habit of referring to himself as "Eye" in the place of where "I" is normally said, such as "Eye see you", a distinction seen in dialogue captions.


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