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Brokers are locations in the JLA Watchtower and the Hall of Doom which act as 'auction houses' in DC Universe Online. They consist of automated kiosks which allow a player to buy or sell items with a small fee being paid up front for the service, making them available for 12, 24 or 48 hours. Unlike other 'auction houses', the broker system only has a simple buyout system, and does not incorporate open bidding.

Members have 20 auction slots, premium access have 5 auction slots, and free players have 0.

After an update, both mailboxes and brokers have been moved to banks for convenience.

With game update 44 the brokers for heroes and villains have been merged.

The deposit fee depends on the sell price that you set:

  • A few items including non-episode Exobytes and Hero of Kandor gear boxes simply have 5% of the sell price, rounded down.
  • Other items have a base deposit, that stays the same regardless of the amount of item, and applies even if your sell price is lower than that. Compound Omega has $150, Doomsday Plague Probiotic or episode-specific exobytes have $50, Soder Cola Extreme has $30, and Soder Cola has $6. This is added to the 5% for the total deposit. For example, if you try to sell Compound Omega at $1000, the deposit would be $200 ($150 plus 5% of $1000, which is $50).


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