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Free the Sinestro Corps troops held prisoner by the Green Lantern Corps in Downtown Metropolis.


"I suggest you not tackle the Justice Society to free Sinestro without freeing more of his Corps from the Green Lanterns. With the fear you've generated so far, I'm sure you can spare a little for the needy." — Lex Luthor
  • Get to the Downtown Quad Towers Area
  • Free Sinestro Corps Soldiers (0/15)
  • Search Through Rubble and Reclaim Manhunter Components (0/10)
  • Repair and Protect Manhunter on Tower Rooftops (0/5)
"The Sinestro Corps recruits are homing in on Sinestro's location at the Justice Society's headquarters. Guess that's what happens when you have your address listed in the, heh, yellow pages. Really, they're listed! Anyway, with the fear corps leading the way, your entry into the HQ should be free and clear." — Calculator