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The Brainiac Ship Guardian is the endgame boss in the initial mission, the ship guardian watches off the ships weapon supports until they are destroyed and then expends his life in a last stand against intruders.


The Brainiac Ship Guardian is the final boss of the It's a Big Scary World Out There! quest.

Mission objective[]


First Destroy the four gun brackets in the room to disable his force field and trigger his boss fight. Don't bother with the Sentries and Subjagators - they are endless.

Ship guardian recharge

The Ship Guardian is recharging - attack now!

Ship guardian teleport

The Ship Guardian teleporting.

Circle this boss firing off standard range attacks, and it is possible to build your hit count up to over 100 hits unlocking the associated hit feats. If the Ship Guardian charges up his pulse attack, flee to the opposite end of the chamber to avoid the radial wave and taking damage, or simply block it to reduce damage to 4. After the pulse attack, it would need to recharge and stop attacking. When it teleports, it fires off an arc of energy orbs dealing moderate damage and knocks back the player. Normal use of combo's and power attacks should be sufficient to take him out.

Item Drops[]



  • The Brainiac Ship Guardian is visually very similar to the Brainiac Encloser, except that the latter glows yellow rather than green.