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The Brainiac Encloser can be found on a Brainiac Harvester Ship, located above the city of Metropolis. It is part of the vessel's security forces, responding to neutralize threats to Brainiac's objectives.

Brainiac Encloser attack

The Brainiac Encloser attacks!

Brainiac Encloser special attack

The Brainiac Encloser traps the player.

Brainiac Ship Guardian special defend

The player breaking out.


The Encloser serves as minibosses during The Awakening, the first mission encountered by players after character creation.

Mission objective[]


While tougher than Brainiac Sentries the Encloser is still a simple opponent that can be taken down with basic melee and/or ranged attacks. Use nearby barrels to weaken it when surrounded by Sentries.

Its special attack involves trapping the player in a yellow energy orb and smashing them around dealing relatively high damage. Press Shift to break out and knock the Encloser back.


  • The Brainiac Encloser is visually very similar to the Brainiac Ship Guardian, except that the latter glows green rather than yellow.