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Batman: Scarecrow, Bane. Joker, and Robotic Batman

1. Scarecrow- A really easy boss to beat. Once you navigate through the sewers you fight his hallucinations alongside Batwoman. The illusions you fight can be beaten by using your powers and weaponry extremely easily. But, the Killer Croc illusions have be knocked out by using the circle button on PS3 or the interaction button on PC. Eventually, you will have to fight Scarecrow and a few of his minions. Just focus on Scarecrow and deal with the others after.

2. Bane- This guy can be hard at first but can be beaten. Anyway, just use your weapons and powers to beat the life out of him. But, he can juice himself up with Venom to regain a lot of health. You also have Nightwing to help you. Once you beat him, drain him of his Venom so he can be taken to jail.

3. Joker- You fight him at the Level 15 mission at the East End Regal Hotel.