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College quarterback and gambler from the future, Michael Jon Carter was banished from college athletics after many misdeeds. As a night watchman for the Space Museum, Carter utilized Rip Hunter's time machine and stole a security robot named Skeets, a Legion flight ring and Brainiac 5's forcefield belt. He then arrived in the 20th century seeking fame and fortune as the superhero "Booster Gold".

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  • Booster Gold first appeared in Booster Gold #1 (February 1986).
  • Originally, Booster Gold was voiced by Tracy W. Bush. However, he was later replaced due to a combination of DC Comics feeling that Booster's voice was not heroic enough and that Tracy also voiced Calculator and developers feared that, as sometimes Calculator and Booster speak one after another, players might realize that the two characters had the same voice.
  • Booster has at various times been a spokesperson and endorser for Big Belly Burgers, Soder Cola, Dusk Fragrance, Blaze Comics, Flakies, B.G.I. Mobile and Planet Krypton.
  • During their time in Justice League International, Booster and Blue Beetle attempted to run a casino known as Club JLI on Kooey Kooey Kooey, a sentient island in the South Pacific ocean. The endeavor failed, however, and the island was destroyed following a tidal wave.
  • Booster's intended superhero name was actually "Goldstar", however, when asked who he was by the President of the United States (whose life he'd just saved), Booster mangled his old football nickname (Booster) and Goldstar. The President introduced him as Booster Gold and the name stuck. Goldstar later became the name of an arranged female sidekick for Booster, with his twin sister, Michelle Carter, time traveling from the future to fill the role.

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