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Born into an aristocratic family on the planet Havania, Bleez belonged to a race who considered themselves superior to the planet's other races due to their feathered wings and the ability to fly.
Proud and strong-willed, Bleez became a member of the Red Lantern Corps after being kidnapped and used as a pleasure slave by the Sinestro Corps. Filled with righteous fury, Bleez's anger feeds her power as one of the Corps' newest and most aggressive members.


Bleez was sought after by many suitors from numerous solar systems, however, feeling that their intentions were to simply claim her for her famed beauty, Bleez was disinterested in any suitor that approached her and refused to see anyone who came to pursue her, despite her mother's wishes, who longed for a grandchild in order to continue their family's legacy.
When a new suitor ventured to Havania during the rise of the Sinestro Corps, he killed Bleez's mother and took Bleez for himself. The kidnapper was revealed to be a member of the Sinestro Corps and Bleez was made one of the many slaves on Ranx; used for the pleasure and amusement of the Sinestro Corpsmen, Bleez's kidnapper disabled her wings in an attempt to break her and had her subjected to numerous gang rapes.

When the Sinestro Corps had Ranx engage Mogo in battle, Bleez attempted to end her torture by jumping out into space through a hole in Ranx's armor, however, her captor caught her and prevented her suicide attempt; forcing himself upon her once again.
At that moment, rage filled her heart and called a red lantern Power Ring to her and promptly inducted her into the corps during the rape; allowing her to mercilessly slaughter her rapist, kidnapper and tormentor.

Joining the rest of the Red Lantern Corps on Ysmault, after their leader Atrocitus rallied them together.

Combat Statistics[]

  • Bleez (Assault and Battery)
  • Bleez (Strike Team)



  • Bleez is the first boss in the Assault and Battery Tier 5 Operation for Heroes. She is accompanied by her leader Atrocitus in taking down the player group.
  • Bleez is the final boss in Tier 5 Hero Operation Strike Team. She and one other random Furious villain will attack the player group.

Associated Equipment[]


  • The Sinestro Corpsman that kidnapped and raped Bleez was the Sinestro Corpsman of Sector 465.
  • Bleeze has the ability to create basic constructs and has general strategic ability, an ability that shows unusual coherence for a Red Lantern Corpsman.
  • Once a pair of beautiful black feathered wings, Bleez's wings were severed by her kidnapper. However, after becoming a member of the Red Lantern Corps she was able to at least regrow their skeletal structure, earning her the nickname "Red-Wing".


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