Blaze Comics is a comic book publisher noted for publishing Booster Gold's own comic book series that were based on his alleged superhero adventures.


  • Various Blaze Comics comicbook shops are located throughout Metropolis.

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  • The creators of the Booster Gold comic, Benny and Marty, were killed to get the secrets of what they knew about Booster Gold.
  • When they were kids, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent used to read comics (Crimson Avenger and Iron Munro respectively). Ironically the comic book heroes they liked were very similar to the superheroes they would grow up to be.
  • Barry Allen used to also read comics as a kid and his mother dropping him off to the comic book store was one of his fondest memories of her.
  • Within the Multiverse, alternate worlds exist in the pages of comic books and as such comic books can function as a type of communication device between worlds. In order to discover what was happening in Earth-2, a hero on Earth-1 could pick up a relevant comic book and read about it.
  • Following the war, in 1948, the second Lady Blackhawk; Natalie Reed, was briefly employed in New York as a writer for a series of comic book adventures about the Blackhawk Squadron.