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This powerful bounty has a simple but knock-back personality.  While in bounty form, she uses sound blasts to stun and possibly knock down enemies.  Not only is it sound that damages you but her Martial Arts weapon packs a punch also.  Many people hate the fact that she is pretty easy to knock out alone but she is partnered with Green Arrow Bounty which counts for a ton of other damage also.  Her basic damage numbers are around 100-150 but when she has that "Skull" icon on her target bar you better watch out!  Be prepared to move or block or SOMETHING because she lets loose a powerful sound snare that combined with endless waves of arrows knocks anyone out instantly.  The thing that you need to watch out for is her "Skull" attack.  Like I said you have to move.  The power 1. Stuns 2. Knocks Down 3. Keeps you down so she can further damage you with sound and Martial Arts.  The good thing out of this is if you are being chased by a villain thats way higher than you and you need help + your near "Gotham Mercy Hospital"  then you can 1. Get some help from cops around the area. or 2. Go near the bounty and they will protect you.  Not only is she a bounty but look into the article on Smallville.  She does some good alling in that alert.  HOPE YOU LIKED IT SEE YOU!!!!!!  I will hopefully write more.