Black Adam is Shazam's nemesis: a dark reflection of the powers of the Egyptian gods. Driven by his constant anger and desire for vengeance, Adam's stamina of Shu, speed of Heru, strength of Amon, wisdom of Zehuit, power of Aton, and courage of Mehu (S.H.A.Z.A.M.) can level cities in moments.


The original champion of the wizard Shazam during Ancient Egypt, Teth-Adam lost his way after the deaths of his wife and children and used his powers for selfish gain, becoming known as the Black Adam.
Entombed by Shazam, Adam was inadvertently released by the Batson family and has since acted as Shazam’s polar nemesis.

Black Adam's last wave of destruction began World War III. Now, Black Adam broods on the throne of the militant Middle Eastern country of Kahndaq, plotting deadly vengeance against his enemies.

Warped by loss and tragedy, Black Adam is determined to resurrect his dead love, Isis.

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Black Adam's Demise

In the alternate timeline where the conflict between heroes and villains has escalated to war, Black Adam challenges Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) to battle following the latter slaying Giganta. As Adam overpowers Jordan, Flash (Barry Allen) races to his assistance, however, Adam ignites a combined explosion as Hal's gathered Willpower, Barry's Speed Force and Adam's Power Word converge, disrupting the entire battlefield and killing numerous soldiers on both sides. On Luthor's order Adam then confronts a newly empowered and enraged Superman. Superman easily overpowers him, killing Adam with his heat vision.

As Brainiac begins his invasion, Luthor has Adam use his power word one last time to free his armour from Brainiac's control. However, as Adam was now dead, Teth Adam was no longer able to transform and Luthor left him to be eviscerated by Brainiac's Enforcers.

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  • He is the PvP arena mentor for villain players.


  • Black Adam first appeared in Marvel Family #1 (December 1945).
  • Black Adam is voiced by Alexander Brandon.
  • Teth-Adam is a remote descendant of Egypt's first Pharaoh, Menes. This is one of the reasons why the Wizard Shazam chose him to be his first champion.


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