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Birds of Prey is Tier 5 playable content that contains the open world zone BoP: Metropolis with daily and weekly missions, the challenge BoP: LexCorp Tower, the alert BoP: Volcano Mining Facility, the raids BoP: The Clock Tower and BoP: Fire & Brimstone.

Episode 37: Birds of Prey was released on April 16, 2020. Access to the episode content is available to all players with a combat rating of 210.


"Citizens of the world, I'm transmitting through every device on the planet to make you an offer. Only I, Lex Luthor, can help you reach your full potential. I'm making my fortune and LexCorp's most advanced weaponry available to anyone willing to step up and take it. You'll find cash and weapons spread around major cities. The power and self-determination you deserve are yours for the taking, and don't let anyone stand in your way. Farewell." — Lex Luthor

"It's Oracle. Literally everyone heard that message. Luthor... his LexCorp Tower offices just exploded. Apparently, he evacuated his employees before making that broadcast. Get to Metropolis and see what you can learn. I don't trust Luthor for a second." — Oracle

"Calculator here. That message reached everyone, it even invaded my encrypted systems. LexCorp Tower's penthouse just exploded. Lex evacuated his employees before sending that broadcast. He's up to something, even if he has gone soft. Go to Metropolis and see what you can dig up. I want to know what's what before I make my move for a bigger rote in the Society... and take you along with me." — Calculator

BoP: Metropolis[]

Metropolis descends into a battle royale after Lex Luthor broadcasts to the world that he's leaving his wealth, technology, and weapons to anyone willing to take them. Crime is rampant and the Birds of Prey are on the case! Each of the Birds of Prey has a mission for players in the new open world. For example, Heroes will help Huntress fight crime while Villains partner with Catwoman for a piece of the action!

Birds of Prey: LexCorp Tower[]

An explosion at LexCorp Tower causes a mad rush for Luthor's tech and spurs an investigation into Luthor's fate. Heroes find H.I.V.E. harvesting what they can while Villains work to prevent A.R.G.U.S. from taking Luthor's tech. Work with Superman and the Birds of Prey to battle your way to Luthor's inner sanctum.

Birds of Prey: Volcano Mining Facility[]

Follow intrepid reporters Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen as they investigate Luthor's hidden lair. No one's shocked that Luthor built a volcano lair, but he has plenty of surprises in store for uninvited guests!

Birds of Prey: The Clock Tower[]

You’ve received a distress call from Oracle! Lex Luthor has initiated a direct attack on her safe house, the Gotham City Clock Tower, and has taken control of Oracle's security measures, turning them against her. Get to the Clock Tower and protect Oracle from her own technology and from a new danger even she never saw coming!

Birds of Prey: Fire & Brimstone[]

Lex Luthor’s plans have finally come to fruition and they're not good for anyone. Battle Luthor in the heart of his volcano and discover the world-killing threat he’s been working towards this entire time!


The combat rating of the enemies is 304.




In order to get the maximum item level of 263 (purple), 261 (blue) or 259 (green) from attuned gear the player character needs to have a minimum combat rating of 298 (purple), 297 (blue) or 296 (green).

In the event, in order to get the maximum item level of 250 (purple), 249 (blue) or 248 (green) from attuned gear the player character needs to have a minimum combat rating of 283.


BoP: Metropolis[]








Briefings and Investigations[]



Main article: Birds of Prey Feats

Base Items[]


  • With the release of this episode the attuned gear from The Vault in the Psycho style has been upgraded from item level 10-240 by 10 levels. The maximum currently is at 280.
  • This episode was released two months after the release of the live action Birds of Prey film.
  • Through the episode, Poison Ivy is atoning for siding with The Dark Knights in Metal Pt. I: Monsters of Metal.
  • The relevancy of this episode content originally had been CR 287-319. This was changed to CR 287-321 with Hotfix 17/08/20.





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