Biomech is an Armor Style Set available from Mobs, Bosses, and Treasure Chest drops in various instances.

The style is a biomechanical "super-suit" of alien origin.


Biomech (Damage)
Pieces Drops Stats
All pieces but helmet and waist so far Gorilla Grods lair (non-alert)
Biomech (Controller)
Pieces Drops Stats
Biomech (Healer)
Pieces Drops Stats
Biomech (Tank)
Pieces Drops Stats
Biomech (Styles)
Pieces Obtainment
Simium Headguard The Vault
Simium-Sheathed Shoulderguards The Vault
Laminated Gorillatech Shirt The Vault
Gorilla Omen Backguard The Vault
Advanced Gorilliumweave Gloves The Vault
Belt of the Simian Threat The Vault
Slim Gorillatech Legguards The Vault
Gorilla Stompers The Vault



  • Collecting the full style set unlocks the feat Bio Booster (25 points)


  • The style is also available from tier 5 gear which drops in instances from the Origin Crisis DLC pack.
  • The Biomech set was intended as a reference to "The Guyver" 1991 movie. The movie was based on the Manga/Anime series of the same name. The film tells the story of Sean Barkera; a young man who discovers an alien artifact called The Unit which transforms Barker into a alien-hybrid super soldier called The Guyver. The movie featured Mark Hamill playing the role of CIA agent Max Reed.


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