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Bestiamorph Raveners are members of Circe's Bestiamorph Army. They resemble humanoid lions.

They attack with long-ranged roar attack that hits for 25~32 (7~8 if blocked) four times almost simultaneously, or a melee attack that hits up to 84.

Players with flight may shoot them from out of range, directly above (otherwise they would move closer), avoiding all damage. As their melee attacks are weaker, earthbound players should go into melee distance to fight these.

Note: The combat abilities of bestiamorphs seems to be changed in a update and they are now easier and more suitable to players of that level. Raveners are heavily weakened, and their attacks now hit 7s and 8s even without block. Their melee attacks are also down-powered, but not as noticeably so attacking from a distance is a good idea.



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