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Bestiamorph Marauders are members of Circe's Bestiamorph Army. They resemble humanoid warthogs.

They attack with a long-ranged red spark that moves relatively slowly and could be dodged, but a head-on approach may prove more efficient.

Note: The combat abilities of bestiamorphs seems to be changed in a update and they are now easier and more suitable to players of that level. However, the attacks of Maruaders are affected least, ironically making them from the weakest to the strongest of the three types of bestiamorphs.



  • In the level 12 mission Bestiamorph Havoc, heroes need to defeat 20 bestiamorphs.
  • In yet another level 12 mission Destroy the Barrier, heroes need to defeat 20 bestiamorphs.
  • 20 "remains of Circe's Will" must be gathered from defeated Bestiamorph Marauders for The Search for Wonder Girl. They commonly drop more than one of those.


Item Drops[]