Bestiamorph Havoc is a level 12 mission in the Tomorrow District of Metropolis.



"My greetings, Circe's Bestiamorphs are running rampant in the Tomorrow District. Wonder Girl went in to investigate, but I have not heard from her since. Clearly Circe is up to foul play. I charge you, track down Wonder Girl - and defeat Circe's plans." — Wonder Woman
  • Get to the Tomorrow District
  • Defeat the Invading Bestiamorphs (0/20) (757 xp)
  • Seek out the Amazons bound by magic and free them from Circe's spell (0/10) (758 xp)
"Oh, boy. Giganta kidnapped Wonder Girl? She's always wanted the power of an Amazon princess, and Circe must have promised her exactly that. We have to get to Wonder Girl, quickly." — Oracle


  • This mission is quite difficult for average players of the level, especially freeing Amazons as they are always guarded by at least two bestiamorphs. Teaming with other players is strongly recommended. If a player frees an Amazon, all nearby players gain credit.


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