Batwoman's Serrated Cape is a Back armour piece associated with Batwoman. Based on the design worn by the Batman, the serrated points of this cape are lead-weighted for offensive purposes.

The original intention of the cape was to draw the enemy's fire as well as to assist the wearer in blending into the shadows. Through the years the cape was found to have additional uses such as concealing the wearer's hands, adding additional protection to the body and giving the supernatural impression of wings.

Its association with an iconic DC character and its rarity classifies it as an Iconic Equipment item.

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  • Although the armour is named for Batwoman, Batman, Batgirl and Robin also wear serrated capes.
  • The cape was the most difficult part of his uniform to adjust too when Batman first donned his uniform. However, after a time and various weight adjustments he found its uses were worth the irritation.


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