Batcave - Mini-Batwing

The Batwing is a classification given to certain models of Batman's aerial fleet. Usually reserved for single-pilot aircraft that possess the silouhette of a bat in their physical design, this current model is capable of both atmospheric and space flight and is Batman's current aerial vehicle-of-choice.

Capable of vertical take-off/landings due to the ability to rotate its twin engines, this model's avionic and optical sensors reside behind red transparent casings while, in terms of weaponry, the Batwing possesses twin gun emplacements in its nose.


  • The current-model Batwing could originally be found docked in the JLA Watchtower's Hangar before the September, 2011, patch 5 update removed all vehicles from that area.
  • The Batwing can be seen suspended in the Batcave PVP arena.
  • The Batwing is later seen destroyed in the batcave's hangar in the Batcave: Inner Sanctum raid.
  • Players can acquire a "mini-batwing" as a base item for their Lairs and Hideouts by purchasing the Batcave Trophies & More Pack.



  • The notion of the Batwing was first introduced in the movie Batman (1989), before that Batman flew the Batgyro (Detective Comics #31, 1939) and later the Batplane (Batman #1).