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Battle of Legends is a PvP, Heroes versus Villains, event that occurred at the end of the DC Universe Online Beta on January 5th, 2011.

To mark the end of the Beta testing and preview of DC Universe Online, the Battle of Legends event was held and hosted by Jim Lee and various other DCUO game developers controlling two iconic avatars that were previously unseen; Future Batman, Future Joker, alongside Lex Luthor and Superman.

The event was held in two locations depending on the day; one in Gotham City's Botanical Gardens, and the other at the Centennial Park Superman Statue in Metropolis. In Gotham, Future Batman, controlled by Jim Lee, lead the heroes against Future Joker, who lead the villains, while in Metropolis, Superman fought Lex Luthor, leading the heroes and villains in that instance respectively. While the event occured, Brainiac (lvl 60) would appear during the battle with an army of Avatars of Tech (lvl 60 each); forcing the players to contend with Brainiac as well as each other. Each event ended with an announcement that Brainiac had taken over the world, resulting in each beta server shutting down (as an intentional part of the story). Sonystation's DCUO forums similarly shut down, scheduled to re-open on January 11th, when the game would be officially released.



  • While initially received with anticipation, many complaints erupted over bugs and glitches that erupted during the event due to the sheer number of players within one area. These caused numerous player accounts to freeze and crash, while others were subjected to incomplete graphics. Complaints also arose over the high level of Brainiac and his minions, where the majority of the player base was under level 15.
  • The Future Batman avatar used by Jim Lee would eventually return as a Legends PVP character skin for Batman. Available at the Marketplace for those who were unable to obtain the Batman pre-order character.