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Having dedicated his life to honing his physical and mental abilities, Batman has become the World's Greatest Detective, as well as a master of all forms of martial combat and advanced tech tools.

Batman is available as a Legends Avatar simulation, obtainable as a bonus with pre-orders of DC Universe Online.

General Information[]

Batman, Future Batman and Classic Batman perform the same in combat. They simply have different skins.


Batman is a pre-order exclusive simulation available after the obtainment of Exobyte Data: Batman as part of the DC Universe Online pre-order bonus pack.


Movement Removed Effects
Acrobatics N/A
Weapon Removed Attacks
Martial Arts Heavy Shuriken, Shuriken Storm Charged Shuriken, Smoke Bomb
Added Attacks Activation Special Effects
Batarang Flurry 1 x Hold Range Block Breaker


Main Power Bar
Powers Effects Range Targeting Recharge Usable Under CC Debuff/Buff Duration Cast Time Power Duration Pet/Object Effects Recharge After Animation Power/Damage Vulnerable
Swarm of Bats Area Knock Back Melee Area 4s Yes N/A Instant N/A N/A No Yes N/A
Explosive Batarang Ranged Stun/Knock Down Ranged Single Target/Area 7s No N/A Instant N/A N/A No Yes N/A
Grapple Line Pull Ranged Ground/Stun Range Single Target 3s No N/A Instant N/A N/A Yes Yes N/A
Forward Flip Knock Down Lunge Single Target 4s No N/A Instant N/A N/A Yes Yes N/A
Stealth Enters Stealth Change To Stealth Bar Self N/A 78s No N/A Instant N/A N/A No No N/A
Activate Bat Drone Summon Aggressive Pet N/A N/A 102s No 40s 2s N/A Energy Regen - Area - 40s +50% Critical Ability Damage - Area - 11s No Yes/No N/A

Stealth Powers[]

Activating Movement Mode Or Taking Damage Will Deactivate Stealth Stealth Powers Do Not Cost Power
Powers Effects Range Targeting Recharge Retain Stealth Usable Under CC Cast Time Recharge After Animation Damage Vulnerable
Surprise Attack Knock Down Melee Single Target N/A No No Instant N/A Yes N/A
Cuff 'em Ranged Stun Minimal Range Single Target 15s Yes No 1S N/A No N/A
Sleep Batarang Ranged Stun Ranged Single Target 14s Yes No Instant N/A No N/A


  • Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)
  • Batman is voiced by Kevin Conroy.
  • Batman and Robin do not have access to their weapon set's normal Block Breakers. Instead they use Batarang Furry; a chargeable ranged attack.


External Links[]

Youtube: Future Batman & Batman Legends PvP Guide by Leandrianh Wáne

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