The Batman-Inspired Mask is a Head Armour Style issued as part of a special package to DCUO players in 2011.

While primarily used to hide the identity of the wearer, the cowls and masks of the Bat Family possess advanced technology that mimick a bat's natural abilities through starlite lenses to see in utter darkness; aural-electronics to discern the faintest whispers; and inertial navigators and echolocation to assist in navigation and balance.
They also contain internal computers that are linked directly to the Batcave computers. Through the computer, information such as medical records, building layouts and maps can be accessed and brought to eyesight through the cowl's lenses.

Kevlar panels in the cowls provide protection over vulnerable skull areas against ballistics. The front of the skull and the sides of the temples also have small armor inserts to increase the effectiveness of skull strikes and protect from concussive blows. The cowl is also shielded against various methods of mind control.

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The style was released on August 31st, 2011 following a hacker attack that shut the SOE servers down following security concerns. The style was part of a "Welcome Back" package that also include the Two-Face-Inspired Mask, the Hack Attack Hoodie and 20 Marks of Distinction.


The process of donning the cowl is a symbolic gesture to Bruce Wayne; who sees it as a way to reaffirm the oath he made to protect Gotham and fight the crime that killed his parents.

Psychologically, some members of the hero community; such as Jason Blood, argue that the cowl is Bruce Wayne's real face and that the public "Bruce Wayne" is the mask. Even Superman has agreed that there is some truth to this statement.

The starlight lenses of the cowls allow the wearer to see in infrared vision (heat sensors), night vision, and ultraviolet vision. The cowls and masks also contain audio processors and, in Batman's case, a high gain antenna for communication purposes and enables voice-command control over various equipment such as the Batmobiles.

Batman's cowl, on which this cowl is based, also features additional security defense mechanisms that deploy deterrents against unsanctioned removal of the cowl; such as electric shock and stun gas. In order to keep the wearer’s identity secret the cowl is even lined with lead to prevent x-ray sight.


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