The Batcomputer; Batman's primary computer database hidden within the caverns of the Batcave, serves as the Batcave PvP Legends arena.

In teams of two, heroes and villains must battle to take and maintain control of the computer platform to win the round.



There is only one objective point in the Bat Cave 2v2 map, and that is capture and hold the computer platform as long as possible.

. Two teams of two will attempt to hold the bat computer for as long as possible, taking the other teams points down by 5 points per tick, and down 25 points for a kill against an enemy player. Both teams start with 1000 points, the first team to reach 0 points, loses.


  • Turrets
  • Batdrones (Located Behind The Large Batcomputer)
  • Orange Barrels (Healing)
  • Red Barrels (Explosive Damage)
  • Blue Barrels (Ice Encasement)



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