Bristling with deterrents and sentry defences, the Batcave: Outer Caverns are the outer limits of the Batcave itself.
The caverns of the Batcave potentially stretch throughout the underground of the entire Bristol district of Gotham City. While the central cave is located directly beneath Wayne Manor, the batcave's outer caverns can extend as far as the city.

In-Game HistoryEdit

  • Brother Eye and Brainiac have taken over the Batcave's mainframe and, along with it, the substantial automated defense and security forces.  Players must fight their way through to the entrance to the Batcave itself and assist Robin, Nightwing, Huntress, and Batwoman in setting off an EMP that will stop Brother Eye from turning on its creator.



Hard modeEdit

The Batcave: Outer Caverns is also playable as a Tier 2 Hard Mode Alert, accessible from level 30 with a combat rating of 43 or higher (no loot is provided above combat rating 64). The Alert is substantively the same as in Normal Mode, with a couple changes, including:

  • Enemy strength is appropriate to combat rating 43-64.
  • Loot drops are appropriate to combat rating 43-64.


Briefs and InvestigationsEdit



  • Before the first boss are numerous spawners that constantly spit out spider and rocket drones. They are marked with the yellow lightning symbol and only have about 500 health.
  • Shield Armors, found deeper inside the caverns, will shield their allies or themselves from damage and should be prioritized, otherwise fights will drag on for long.
  • Triggering the EMP within 15 seconds of it becoming available for the first time will earn the raid the "The Family That Shields Together" feat, worth 25 points.
  • This area holds 3 out of 9 green investigation tokens (for the Batcave raids as a whole). The remaining investigations are located in the Inner Sanctum.
  • The Undisclosed Location, previously visited by Tech-origin heroes, can be revisited while traveling through the outer caverns. The area is known as the Outer Sanctum and has been stripped following the previous skirmish.

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